Only Financial Officer 3.0

More Skills for Smaller Company Financial Managers

The title “Chief Financial Officer” is not an accurate description for what many financial managers do because the word “chief” implies that the company has more than one degreed accountant. This seminar covers four major topics of importance to the financial manager who must do it all.

We have designed Only Financial Officer 3.0 to give financial managers in small to medium-sized companies the high-level skills needed to act as a member of top management.

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Topics Discussed

Managing People

  • Learn to inspire your people
  • Create a collaborative environment
  • Develop your team’s skills

MS Word Advanced Features

  • Use feedback features to become a better writer
  • Make your documents look more professional
  • Learn time-saving tips

Pricing for Profitability

  • Where organizations make pricing mistakes
  • Why pricing must involve finance
  • How finance can save the bottom line

Negotiating with Your Banker

  • Be your bank’s best customer
  • Understand your bargaining position
  • Negotiate your covenants effectively

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar includes group discussion of five cases.

Additional Information

Target Audience: For people who are the only degreed accountant in small to medium-sized companies

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credits: 8 hours group live

Areas of Study:
6 hrs – Management
2 hrs – Technology

Prerequisite: None

Adv. Prep: Bring a calculator

Author: John L. Daly

Acronym: OFO3

Scheduling: Schedule this seminar with the CFO Series: Managing Your Resources (2018) or one of our other seminars to make a 2-day series.