Fraud Prevention

Loss Prevention and Control

Fraud Prevention is one seminar you cannot afford to miss. Fraud will affect you in some manner. Prepare for the inevitable.

A recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated that fraud costs the global economy in excess of $3.5 trillion per year. This same study estimated that normal audits discover only about 11% of fraudulent acts, compared to 19% discovered by accident.

This seminar examines various types of fraud and discusses ways to prevent, detect and investigate these activities.

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The speaker is top notch. Very engaging and interesting.

-Macon, GA

Topics Discussed

  • The Fraud Triangle
  • A complete analysis of fraud prevention, detection and investigation
  • Fraud related interviewing techniques
  • The CPA’s role as an expert witness
  • Careers in forensic accounting
  • The 13 financial reporting shenanigans
  • Use of financial statement analysis in fraud assessment

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar includes seven interactive exercises that will allow the participants to apply newly acquired knowledge in a real-time setting.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Corporate Financial Managers

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 8 hours group live

Area of Study: Auditing

Prerequisite: None

Adv. Preparation: Bring a calculator

Author: Bill O’Brien

Acronym: FP

Scheduling: Schedule with one of our other full-day seminars such as Create Reports that Matter or Process Improvement for Financial Managers to make a 2-day series.