Ethical Leadership

Power, Influence, Integrity and Trust

Leaders naturally wield power and influence at work – but not all use those invaluable tools with integrity. Leaders are constantly tempted to abuse their power, sometimes in ways that inflict great harm.

Betraying trust can destroy careers, whole organizations and lives. This is why trust is a top prerequisite for principled and ethical leadership. Trust changes everything. Research shows that leaders who continually work to earn and keep authentic trust reap enormous payback in all aspects of doing business.

This session addresses the most important concepts for building and maintaining trust and integrity in business. It explains how leaders get comfortable with the dynamics and application of power and influence. You’ll learn the risks and consequences of misusing power and why “winning” so often really means losing. We’ll examine the AICPA Code’s integrity standard and other professional standards pertinent to appropriately exercising power and influence.

Diane White is a very dynamic, intelligent, and skilled Discussion Leader. I would definitely like to take more seminars led by her!

– Raleigh, NC

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Topics Discussed

Ethics & Trust

  • Why ethics and trust require one another
  • Why ethical leadership matters so much to sustainability and the bottom line
  • Current real-life cases illustrating today’s trust crisis in business leadership
  • 3 questions identifying the”right thing to do”

Spotlight on Power and Influence

  • Identify strengths to build your personal power and increase positive impact at work
  • Understand how to wield significant influence even when you lack formal authority
  • How to speak to be heard and get results

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar will include group discussion of at least three real life cases.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Corporate financial managers

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 4 hours group live

Area of Study: Ethics

Prerequisite: Management experience helpful

Adv. Preparation: None

Author: Diane D. White

Acronym: EL

Scheduling: Schedule with Critical Thinking Skills to make a full day program.