Cash Management Techniques, Systems & Solutions

Make Your Money Work Harder

Are you managing your cash, or is your cash managing you? Can you effectively project cash position a week, month or year from now? This seminar demonstrates how to develop long and short-term cash management processes, allowing for restful nights and productive days.

This session provides timeless cash management techniques and strategies.

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Good content, very well prepared materials and (presenter) was knowledgeable as well.

– Des Moines, IA

Topics Discussed:

Case studies and participant discussions will highlight these cash management issues:

  • Manage cash electronically
  • Encourage customers to pay faster
  • Preserve cash and reduce costs by partnering with vendors to take advantage of their purchase discounts
  • Identify dollars for capital improvements
  • Understand working capital loan options
  • Know how good cash management solutions make your company attractive to lenders
  • Understand how to adjust your cash management strategy for economic conditions

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar includes group discussion of three cases.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Corporate financial managers

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credits: 4 hours group live

Area of Study: Finance

Prerequisite: None

Adv. Prep: None

Author: Virgie Ammerman

Acronym: CMT

Scheduling: Schedule with one of our other half-day classes to provide a full-day seminar experience.