Cases in Corporate Ethics

Discuss Real Life Conflicts


Anyone who has ever attended a lecture-format ethics seminar knows that there is a better way. Cases in Corporate Ethics provides an opportunity for lively group discussion of actual real world, ethical dilemmas. Cases in Corporate Ethics examines eight cases drawn from real-life business conflicts involving corporate financial managers.

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Best ethics course I have had in 22 years of practice

-­Ft. Wayne, IN

Topics Discussed

We introduce new case selections to this seminar every year. Past cases have included these issues:

  • How do you handle an owner who pays for personal expenses with company funds?
  • Can you protect the public interest without violating our profession’s confidentiality rules?
  • How can a corporate world CPA get in trouble with their board of accountancy?
  • Is a culture of fear and intimidation particularly susceptible to corporate fraud?
  • How can using the CPA credential get a corporate accountant in trouble?
  • Is exaggerating your CPE hours a violation of our professional codes of conduct?
  • What are your options when your employer is clearly breaking the law?
  • Does any legislation provide effective Whistleblower protection?

Cases and Class Discussion

This seminar includes group discussion of 8 cases.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Corporate financial managers

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 4 hours group live

Area of Study: Ethics

Prerequisite: None

Adv. Preparation: None

Author: John L. Daly

Acronym: CCE

Scheduling: Schedule with Shorten Month-End or Staff Retention to provide a full-day seminar experience.

NOTE: This seminar has special Louisiana, Mississippi and New York editions.