Appreciating Diversity in the Workplacee

Respecting the Dignity of All Team Members and Clients

In this seminar, participants will learn the value of creating and nurturing a corporate culture that embraces diversity on all levels. This seminar will help your company to increase retention, amplify the variety and quality of ideas, and enhance team effectiveness, resulting in improved profitability and productivity. This seminar includes at least three interactive group exercises in the half-day version of the course and at least five interactive group exercises in the full-day version.

Topics Discussed:

  • How diversity goes deeper than race, culture and gender
  • Unconscious bias and its effects
  • How to talk about sensitive issues
  • Recognize nonproductive behaviors and impact
  • Apply personal action plan to modify nonproductive behaviors

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar includes at least five interactive exercises.

Target Audience: All personnel at all levels. The discussion leader will choose among the seminar’s available exercises based on attendees’ demographics.

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 4 or 8 hours group live

Area of Study: Business Management

Prerequisite: None

Advance Preparation: None

Author: Jeanne M. Ballew

Acronym: ADW

Scheduling:  Schedule with a half day version Effective Business Writing to make a full day.

Note: This seminar is particularly well-suited for in-house seminars.