Know Your Cost

Double Your Profit

Companies with poor cost information make bad decisions about products that are not “average”. Poor information causes companies to overprice easy, high-volume “gravy” products and underprice difficult, low-volume “dog” products.

Regardless of whether your company sells goods or services, learn how to double your profit by giving the dogs to your competitor and keep the gravy for yourself.

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John’s presentation style was excellent and ability to engage with others outstanding.

-Indianapolis, IN

Topics Discussed

Understand Real Costs

  • Why traditional approaches are inadequate
  • How superior cost information can double your profit
  • Make Activity Based Costing spreadsheet-easy
  • Accurately understand overhead costs
  • Recognize joint & by-products
  • Add throughput costing to your toolbox

Accurately Assign Costs

  • Product development and launch costs
  • Occupancy costs
  • Information technology costs
  • Administrative costs
  • Selling costs
  • Excess capacity costs
  • Interest and the cost of capital

Cases and Class Discussion

This seminar includes six exercises to facilitate group discussion.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Cost Accountants, Controllers & CFOs

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 8 hours group live

Area of Study: Accounting

Prerequisite: This seminar is for degreed accountants who already have some cost accounting education and experience.

Advanced Preparation: Bring a calculator

Author: John L. Daly

Acronym: KYC

Scheduling: Schedule after Metrics Management to make a 2-day series.