Presentation Skills for Success

Make Your Message Compelling

Presentation skills are essential to effective leaders, especially for CFOs who must tell their company’s story to both internal and external audiences.

In this seminar, you will learn (1) to deliver presentations effectively and with confidence, (2) to take “big picture” information and make it relevant to specific audiences, and (3) to conduct an effective “Question and Answer” session.

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Great course. Very informative and helpful. Great class dynamics and structure. Very enjoyable.

—Bellevue, WA

Topics Discussed

Audience Assessment

  • Audience profile
  • Five questions to answer before preparing your presentation

Message and Media

  • What does the audience need to know?
  • What is the best way to convey that message?

How to Get Your Points Across

  • Identify your normal presentation style
  • Deal with “Presentation Anxiety”?
  • Sell your ideas using four critical elements

Q&A Sessions

  • Anticipate questions
  • Field questions
  • Handle disruptive behaviors

Practice and Critique

The only way to become an effective presenter is with practice.  We will introduce concepts and examples then allow time for you to prepare and deliver a presentation using a topic of your own choosing..  Participants will provide each other feedback for improvement.

Additional Information

Target Audience: Any financial professional

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 8 hours group live

Area of Study: Communications

Prerequisite: None

Adv. Preparation: None

Author: Dan Chenoweth

Acronym: PSS

Scheduling: Schedule with Risk Analysis and Management to make a 2-day seminar series