Private Company Accounting

New Directions, New Challenges

The convergence process is beginning to wind down. Both FASB and the IASB have issued new revenue recognition standards, and lease standards.  Financial instrument changes will soon follow.  These changes will impact both public and private companies.

Whether or not IFRS becomes the basis for U.S. accounting standards, the convergence and private company accounting changes impact activities well beyond financial reporting.  Awareness of IFRS adoption efforts by the SEC is one thing; understanding how FASB’s convergence project and private company reporting can affect your company is a very different issue.  You cannot afford to miss this critical, entertaining and interactive course.

Article: Accounting’s Perfect Storm

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This was a fun and informative event.  It kept me engaged throughout the whole course.

— Bellevue, WA

Topics Discussed

  • The major convergence elements:

– Revenue recognition

– Lease accounting

– Financial instruments reporting

– Other Comprehensive Income presentation

  • How convergence will change your basic financial statement presentation
  • Reporting alternatives for private companies
  • The critical operations issues driven by these comprehensive changes
  • Ten action items for you to take today as you prepare for the unpredictable times ahead

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar includes six group exercises.

Additional Information

Target Audience: CFOs, controllers and managers involved with financial reporting

Level of Knowledge: Intermediate

CPE Credit: 8 hours group live

Area of Study: Accounting

Prerequisite: None

Adv. Preparation: None

Author: Bill O’Brien

Acronym: PCA

Scheduling: To provide a multi-day series, schedule with Corporate Finance Check-up or Fraud Alert!