Ethics in the Real World

Living Values for Today

Business ethics is no longer just something “nice to do” but can mean the difference between success, failure and survival in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

This seminar outlines eight steps to create an ethical business environment and provides specific ways for financial managers to make better ethical decisions.

Great mix of presentation and group interaction.

– Burlington, VT

Topics Discussed

Four Root Causes of Unethical Business Behavior

Eight Steps to Create an Ethical Business Environment:

  • Establish a code of conduct and make it public
  • Hire and promote people with a well-grounded sense of personal ethics
  • Interpret your code for ordinary circumstances
  • Communicate expectations for employees to act in an ethical manner
  • Lead by example
  • Teach employees the basic tools of ethical decision making:
    • Six approaches to making better decisions
    • The four categories of ethical dilemmas
  • Back your code with enforcement
  • Factor values into every important organizational activity and decision

Ethical Leadership – Attributes and Practices

Cases and Group Discussion

This seminar will include class discussion of real world ethics cases.

Additional Information

  • Target Audience: Corporate financial managers
  • Level of Knowledge: Intermediate
  • CPE Credit: 4 hours group live
  • Area of Study: Ethics
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Adv. Preparation: None
  • Author: Dan Chenoweth
  • Acronym: ERW

Scheduling: Schedule with How Good Companies Become Great or Financial Leadership to make a full day program.