Executive Education’s Annual CFO Spotlight

4 Select Issues

Due to the popularity of Executive Education’s five-day CFO series, we are now making it possible to schedule single CFO Series days.  Each day consists of four topics.  Choose the speaker and topic that works best for you.

  1. Budgets and Projections – John F. Levy
  2. Managing Your Resources – John L. Daly
  3. Honing Your Management Style – Don Minges
  4. Reinventing the Finance Role – Richard Karwic or William F. O’Brien
  5. Technical Competence – William F. O’Brien or Jay Giannantonio

See list of modules contained in each day on pages 12 & 13 of our 2018 catalog, “Seminars for Corporate Financial Managers”.  Contact Nancy@ExecutiveEducationInc.com for more complete descriptions.

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John Daly was a very good instructor – enjoyed their up-to-date material and great examples.

– Troy, MI

Cases and Group Discussion

This day will provide at least five group exercises and opportunities for group discussion.

Target Audience:  People who are, or aspire to be, CFOs

Level of Knowledge:  Intermediate

CPE Credit:  8 hours group live

Area of Study:  See corresponding CFO Series day

Prerequisite:  None

Advance Preparation: None

Authors: Dan Chenoweth, John L. Daly, John F. Levy, Don Minges, William F. O’Brien, and Diane D. White

Acronym:  ACFOS

Scheduling:  Schedule with two of our half day seminars to make a two day series.

Note:  This event features conference style materials and has a fixed per day pricing.