Scheduling Tips

Suggestions on how to best schedule a seminar with us

Scheduling priority

Executive Education, Inc. schedules on a first-come, first-served basis. We attempt to confirm specific dates as quickly as possible. Several of our speakers often effectively have their schedules filled by January 1st, so scheduling early is always encouraged, particularly if you would prefer to have the author of a seminar.

What seminars to schedule

At each seminar we conduct a seminar survey that helps determine what seminars we should develop in the future and what they should be called. This also tells us which seminars are likely to sell well in various locations. From experience we also know that some titles are likely to do better in big cities, others in small towns. We can recommend specific seminars based on this data and experience.

When to schedule

Our experience shows that corporate financial managers do not care about “tax season” and will take a seminar in almost any month of the year. Seminars targeted at this audience can be particularly successful in February, March and April if properly promoted. The first week of the month and the last day of the month are less desirable scheduling times because corporate managers have their month-end closings. However, in the year-end CPE reporting month, this rule of thumb does not seem to matter.

Discounts for multiple seminar dates

We provide discounts for scheduling more than five days or eleven days of seminars and we will generally want to break up your order into more than one series when four days or more are ordered. No matter how wonderful we are as discussion leaders, we think that a participant would rather have the variety of attending class with two or more of us rather than just one.

Minimizing travel expenses

There are many steps we can take to minimize travel expenses if your order gives us scheduling flexibility. For example, it may be less expensive to send a discussion leader to a smaller city if scheduled before a series in an adjacent state. We are glad to try to make such scheduling work. If you want specific seminars, it also helps if you give us some flexibility about when they are scheduled.

How we assign discussion leaders

We assign discussion leaders based on a combination of professional expertise, geographic location and availability. Certain combinations of seminars, shown below, are easier to schedule and can minimize travel costs if offered together.

How to register

If you would like to register for an Executive Education seminar, please contact us at (734) 475-0600 or visit the seminar sponsor’s website.

Other questions?

Please contact us if you have additional questions or to learn more about our seminar offerings.