John L. Daly, President of Executive Education, Inc., releases his second book, and first novel, "Tool & Die"

Rarely, if ever, have you read a novel that took you inside an auto parts supplier. John L. Daly does just that in his newly released novel, Tool & Die. The story takes place in a small automotive parts manufacturer, Fairlane Tool and Manufacturing Company that successfully competes against large publicly traded companies until a new executive joins the team and threatens the company’s collaborative corporate culture.

Tool & Die features many real life situations from Daly’s career, condensed into a single fictional story. He played with the book’s manuscript for more than 20 years, periodically working on it and then putting it away.  In the meantime, he wrote a business book, Pricing for Profitability, published by Wiley & Sons, and honed his writing skills on dozens of smaller projects including seminars, professional articles and a string of eight one-act plays produced by The Players in Detroit.  Last summer he found time to work on Tool and Die again and finished it four weeks into his COVID-19 quarantine.

Tool & Die is available in both Kindle and paperback editions at