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A note about our 2019 Seminar Catalognancy_daly

Dear Friends,

Executive Education’s hugely successful CFO Series, is now offered by 16 associations, drawing high ratings and much higher attendance than regular seminars targeted at the business and industry market. Geared for those who are, or aspire to be, CFOs, each year features 20 completely different topics. The CFO Series will have your B&I members coming back year-after-year.

If you have remote members, or are a small association, Executive Education now offers an online Virtual CFO Series in partnership with ACPEN. The Virtual CFO Series features twenty, 100-minute sessions and 7 different speakers on Friday mornings August to December and February to June. Your members can get an entire year’s worth of CPE from the convenience of their office.

We are now offering Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training, which may particularly interest your in-house clients. See this catalog for our seminar Appreciating Diversity in the Workplace: Respecting the Dignity of All Team Members and Clients. Also see our Conference Catalog for LGBT Employees and Their Families and Generations at Work.

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